While seriously awaiting the Recreation area area Spitfire to start I occurred upon the lately launched Dynam arc planes. The Dynam technique seemed similar in proportions and specs and was a lot less expensive compared to the Park area fowl. I believe it may be an excellent assessment and seized a single up.


I actually purchased the Spitfire with the purpose of seeing just what a Dynam RC planes seemed and experienced such as, but additionally to observe how it compared to the near future Park area Spitfire. Going for a phase towards Recreation area zones Simply Fly slogan, Dynam made the set up of the Spitfire extremely simple. All the administration horns came create on the administration places and the ailerons already are from the servos. The attractiveness of the set up is there is not any sticking of substantial areas.


The Dynam RC planes functions durable EPO froth that appears great to the floor and in the air. The electric creases setup in the RC float planework perfectly and so are absolutely smooth when sinkable. The RC float planeis managed by an kv brushless motor that draws just amplifiers and h on a 3S electric battery power. I dont generally go beyond producers specs, but I believed it had been odd that the RC float planedrawn therefore little power. I reduced in a 4S electric battery power and the motor pushed out a middle shifting amplifiers and h.

First Flight

The first day time I introduced the RC float planeout the region I experienced it had been way too breezy for an initial journey. I has been happy to postpone a day time because the very following day has been near perfect traveling conditions. I ran through the Spitfire, developed sure everything has been shifting efficiently and collection the battle bird down on the driveway. A lighting move ahead the accelerator shifted the RC float planedown the driveway sufficient reason for some increase she risen out flawlessly. Working on a 3S, I wasnt anticipating much effectiveness but I has been content with how nicely the RC float planedid fly. The accelerator was right above the midway element and although the entire accelerator goes staying something to end up being preferred I has been considering the RC float planeconducted alright.

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Flight Characteristics

After safely providing the RC float planeback once again to world, I examined the Dynam arc planes and immediately realized that only 1 of the ailerons was shifting. I switched the RC float planeover to learn that the whole administration rod didn’t possess from the RC float plane. Hmmmthat will be a issue I was considering. I staying to the driveway and incredibly found out the rod. Seems ol smart man (me) didnt Loctite the nut also it came decrease during takeoff, ejecting from the medial side. Whoops.

Takeoffs and Landings

The Dynamo RC planes will take off much better than a standard tail-dragger RC float plane. There is no large twisting shift or ground looping. After ft of shifting the finish rim bursts up and the Spitty very easily accumulates rate at the top part two wheels. A light get of the increase delivers the battle bird off the ground towards the environment.