there are various types of plumbers that most people are not aware of and this is what we would like to explain to you because many people do not realise when they call a plumber that they need to ensure that they have the right plumber to carry out the job which they have full stop

Many plumbers will just focus on a particular aspect of plumbing and this will be their speciality as this means they are more focused on one particular area and can specialise in this area carrying the necessary tools and have the necessary skills and spare parts to complete these particular chops full stop


Let’s start off talking about plumbers who deal with gas as in the United Kingdom in order for a plumber to work on a gas boiler he needs to who have completed the gas safe certificate as this is a legal requirement for all plumbers who wish to work with gas so for example if he wants to repair a boiler or a gas fire or connect a gas cooker than all of these different elements require a plumber to have the appropriate gas safe training in order to be able to work with the gas appliances and make the necessary connections and safety checks it is therefore important that if you choose a plumber to work with gas that you need to make sure that he has the necessary certification in order to be carrying out jobs in relation to gas due to the safety training and regulations which must be adhered to full stop

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But plumbers of course can fix a leak and will be able to do the basic jobs in relation to water however not or plumbers choose to take on this type of work this type of work you should will involve repairs to pipes and people’s homes or businesses it could be fixing flashes for example changing new taps or installing a new mixer shower units for people in their homes this type of job is Regular plumbing and is water-based plumbing so left plumbers can complete this work however parcel plumbers will carry the necessary parts in order to make these preparations so it is good to make sure you choose a plumber who will be able to carry the parts and save having to go off and get new parts to complete these jobs which can often be completed very quickly by the plumber who carries all the necessary tools and parts in his van I’m with him.