3 Star Ping Pong Balls are an absolute necessity in the activity. While a tiny plastic ball may seem to be very simple, you may still find differences between various types of ball and what they may be used for. This guide will help you understand the dissimilarities of a product, which on its surface, looks the same. To progress, we will outline the planet you are looking to get ping pong balls for and present some options that you can consider.
What do the Star Ratings on your golf ball Mean? Balls are typically divided into 3 different star ratings (1-star, 2-star and 3-star). In simple terms, the 1-star balls will be the most basic and are suited to social environments and everyday play. 2-stars can be useful for practicing and learning, and the 3-star balls will be the premium for competition. You will discover balls that happen to be rated with these stars in both recreational and professional lines, therefore sometimes it can seem to be difficult to compare. See different needs for ping pong balls below, and which sort of ball may be perfect for you.
You may also want to check out buying more bulk options. There are a series of 2 and 3 star ping pong balls which can be found in higher quantities. They can be great for learning the sport. You could also consider dual-colored balls which are half orange and half white, with a black dividing line. These balls are great for learning about spin and being in a position to visually see how the ball rotates after it is served or hit.
When it comes to playing semi-competitive matches, you might consider a tiny pack of 3-star recreational competition balls. These balls are excellent for playing competitive matches at home in the garage or basement. They are the highest quality Balls for recreational purposes. You can also get balls for playing outdoors. They have a 41% increased weight to take into account any outdoor conditions like wind.
This category is for players who are actively training and developing their game. As of this level, many players will be buying a ball that emulates the high quality necessary for competition, but without the premium pricing of top competition balls. Usually, this degree of training requires a bulk amount of ping pong balls. These balls are manufactured from the harder ABS plastic. The balls then go through tests to make sure quality of hardness, roundness and bounce, Top competing players may likely look for a 3-star training ball, while a bulk 3-star alternative pays to for multi-ball or robot practice.
This is where players would look for the highest quality ball available. Players who are competing regularly in club, regional, national or international competitions, choose a ball that allows them to practice with the top ball quality. These balls should be ITTF-approved to ensure the quality of hardness, roundness and consistency of bounce. With an ITTF-approved 3-star ball, the main advantage is consistency. Each ball must meet standards suited to professional level play. Therefore the standard deviation of measurement variances between each ball is less significant and you can expect all the balls to truly have a similar high standard of performance. These approved balls have been specifically submitted to ITTF to go through the approval process, so you can be assured that they are the highest quality ball for any given brand. Premium balls such as this are being used in major competitions, so it pays to get some on hand while preparing for those events and practicing matches.