Espresso can do so much more for you than just wake you up – if you brew it right.
Coffee doesn’t just feel just like a magic elixir that reinvigorates the body, mind, and soul – there are reams of research showing that it does have incredible benefits for every one of the above. But you have to brew it right, which has nothing to do with half-caf, double-hot, no-foam, or any other of the hyphenated adjectives baristas yell out.

Maxing out the potential of the day miracle worker entails deciding on the best roast, milling properly, brewing style, normal water temp, and even more things you’re most likely not doing, or not doing correctly. Not to stress; we consulted experts about how to brew the solitary healthiest cup, plus they were eager to spill the beans.

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The majority of these health advantages are because of polyphenols, plant-based materials found in coffee beans. Polyphenols have been proven to aid brain and digestive health, and help drive back heart disease, diabetes, plus some cancers.

The roast also things. Roasting beans deepens their flavor however the heat also breaks down healthful compounds like antioxidants and polyphenols. So light roasts (which are also denser and for that reason have slightly more caffeine per scoop than dark roasts) have a tendency to be higher in antioxidants, says Ali Redmond, the founder of Coffee Belly.
The Healthiest Way to Brew Coffee
After choosing the right beans, the next step is to grind them. Coffee aficionados say you find the best flavor when you grind right before brewing, because otherwise the connection with mid-air causes oxidation that degrades flavor as time passes. But pre-ground coffee isn’t any less healthy for you.

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The main benefit for grinding the beans yourself is controlling how finely you grind them. Which does affect the number of health-promoting compounds in your cup. With regards to brewing, the goal is to extract the most polyphenols from the beans, and the finer the grind, a lot more polyphenols you’ll get. Which means that espresso, which requires a very finely ground bean, is one of the healthiest choices.
The Healthiest Way to Serve Coffee
After going to all or any that trouble to brew the perfect cup, you don’t want to offset those perks with the addition of cream and sugar. The healthiest way to drink your coffee is black, of course, if you focus on a flavorful, high-quality bean, you shouldn’t need to include anything.