Jeffrey Lupient Briefly Talks About Things to Consider While Selecting the Dealership to Buy a Vehicle From

When people decide to buy a vehicle, they are often quite confused about the dealership that they should go to in order to buy the vehicle. Selecting the right dealership is an essential aspect of getting the best deal and excellent customer service. Here are the key aspects to look into before selecting a dealership in the opinion of Jeffrey Lupient.

Reputation of the dealership: In order to have the most seamless experience, it is extremely important to go to a dealership that has a proven track record of customer satisfaction. People should try to read reviews and customer complaints available on various online portals before finalizing a dealership to go to.

Competitive Pricing and Financing: Another crucial factor to look into before buying a vehicle is the pricing structure and the financing options available. While negotiating the price, prospective buyers must take into consideration things like the dealership fee, documentation charges etc. Ideally, dealerships that can confidently proclaim that no one can match their price should be considered for such big-ticket purchases.

Customer Service and Transparency: In the automotive industry, customer service is an extremely important element to be considered. As such, right from their very first interaction with the dealership, customers should try to gauge the dealership’s attitude towards customer service as well as transparency in communication. 

While these are some of the key aspects to carefully evaluate while selecting a dealership, people may also need to consider whether the outlet has the model or brand of vehicle that they are keen to buy.

Jeffrey Lupient, an automotive industry veteran and a three-time Infiniti Award of Excellence winner, also shares his experience regarding what makes a dealership appealing to customers. While Jeff has been a part of the automotive industry for long, he continues to draw inspiration from the valuable experience gained from serving as the President of the Lupient chain of dealerships.

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Jeffrey Lupient provides an overview into Lupient chain of dealerships

Owing to the efforts of Jeffrey Lupient, President and CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group and his team, Jim Lupient Infiniti dealership has always been the top choice for customers looking to buy a vehicle. This group not just includes a network of dealerships, but also bargain lots and collision centers throughout the Twin Cities and Rochester. Moreover, Lupient Automotive Group is an authorized Infiniti, GMC, Chevrolet, and Nissan distributor. In fact, it is one of the leading automotive dealership networks in the state of Minnesota.

The Lupient Automotive Group opened a new franchised Nissan location in Minneapolis. The new store, Lupient Nissan of Brooklyn Park, was meant to offer a range of exciting new vehicles while continuing to provide the iconic Lupient experience to guests throughout the Twin Cities.The Lupient Family has represented the Nissan family of brands for over 25 years, and this new location enabled them to represent Nissan at three locations: Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee. With the new Lupient Nissan of Brooklyn Park, Lupient Automotive Group aimed to serving more Nissan customers and continuing their growth with the Nissan brand.