Safe Ship Moving Services Talks About How to Make a Move Easier for the Furry Friends

Moving can be a very stressful experience for all, including the pets. No matter whether one is moving to a new home across the street or relocating to a different city altogether, such a change can be stressful for cats and dogs alike. Hence, apart from purchasing packing supplies, and hiring movers like Safe Ship Moving Services and more, pet owners must also keep in mind that their furry friends may be sensitive to such a big change and plan accordingly.

Safe Ship Moving Services sheds insight into how to make a move smoother and easier for pets

Things to do during a move seem endless. People often end up spending hours on packing household belongings, researching top moving companies, finding temporary storage for goods and more.  However, amidst all of this, pet owners should not forget to provide enough attention to their furry friends so that they also feel comfortable for the move. Here are a few ways one can make the entire process easier for their pets:

  • Keep their schedule: In the weeks and days ahead of moving, as well as even after one has moved into their new home, it is vital to keep up with the pet’s schedule.  Right from feedings to walking and playtime, enabling the pets to maintain a consistent schedule would help in keeping them happier and calmer during the moving process.
  • Start packing early: In case the pets become really anxious when one start changing things around their house, it is better to take out the moving boxes early. Moving up the packing days can actually help the pets to adjust the changes. Moreover, one would always benefit from the extra packing time as the moving day comes closer.
  • Make arrangements for moving day: One should try their best to make the move less stressful and get the appropriate arrangements done, such as hiring a mover like Safe Ship Moving Services. For the moving day, it is better to have a daycare, pet sitter or family or friends take care of the pet, to lower the chaos and stress.  The doors and windows of the house are likely to stay open all day during the day of the move. Plus, movers would also be coming and going all day long. Hence, it is better for the pet to stay elsewhere for the day.  
  • Pack their items last and unpack them first: When making a packing checklist for the move, it is better to put the items at the bottom of the list. One must also ensure to unpack their goods first as they arrive in their new home. This would be helpful in eliminating any added stress the pets may face as they realize their toys and treats are gone. Seeing familiar items right away can help reassure the pet in their new surroundings.
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If one is moving to a different city then they have to find a new veterinarian for their pet. Hence, before the move, it would be a good idea to make sure that the pet is up to date on their vaccinations, and one has refills of their medications, if any. Copy of their health records should also be made to take to the new vet.