When it comes to picking the perfect wedding favour, the possibilities are endless. A beautifully decorated place card at the reception table can make a pleasant and reasonably priced piece of memorabilia. A vintage bottle of wine with a customised label is a fantastic way to commemorate the event for couples with a greater budget. Frequently, the couple will choose wedding favours that suit the reception table’s decor.

The majority of wedding details are constrained by tradition or budget, however the wedding favours permit the bride and groom to express themselves and consider what will delight their guests.
Many favours, ranging from candles to sweets, may be found for affordable prices (under £3 each). You can make your wedding favours yourself, if you’re a crafty sort of person, saving even additional money!
Here are some things to consider when choosing a marriage wedding favors:

Your Budget
What kind of budget do you have to work with? Is there a wedding favour that fits inside your price range? Your wedding favour need not be expensive to make an impact. You can get great deals on sites such as Bride and Groom Direct, where you can buy wedding favour boxes and other customisable keepsakes.

Add a Personal Touch
What kind of personal touches can you add to your wedding favour? Labels, ribbons, and other decorative accessories are available in the craft store and online at reasonable prices. You could customise each favour box with a tag bearing your guest’s name, for example.
Cultural Considerations

Does your wedding have a cultural basis for having wedding favours? For example, if you’re having a Polish wedding, the tradition is to get lighted candles in your reception room. You can follow this tradition by purchasing votive candles and putting them in bags with labels like “The Gift of Light.”

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Match your Décor
Your wedding favour should be related to your wedding, and it’s important that they match your décor and your colour pallette. You can find gold, silver, and other coloured wedding favour boxes at an acceptable price that will perfectly complement your wedding theme.
Edible vs. Inedible Favours

Weddings usually have food at the reception, and there’s no better way showing appreciation to your guests than by offering them a tasty treat. Wedding favours such as individually-wrapped lollipops, small squares of fudge and chocolate-covered pretzels are both edible and can delight your guests.

However, you might prefer to choose something inedible – whether it’s since it can be kept as a memento, or just out of consideration for guests with dietary requirements. Otherwise, diabetic guests, vegans, and guests with food allergies (for example) may miss out.
Remember that your wedding is focused on you and what means something to you both as individuals so that as a couple. Wedding favours are a great way to personalise your celebration while also thanking your guests to be there.

How to Present Your Wedding Favours
Favours are given in various ways, depending on the couple’s own traditions or what they think is appropriate for their wedding reception.
Some couples will incorporate their wedding favours into their dining table décor by positioning one favour at each guest’s wedding breakfast place setting. Others will have a marriage favour table and an indicator (like a customisable peg board) instructing guests to come and help themselves to one each.

Others prefer to give out wedding favours yourself. By way of example, you could have one of your ushers give out wedding favours at the entranceway as your guests enter the ceremony venue. It’s your choice as well as your partner figure out which scenario will work best for you and your wedding.

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Are Wedding Favours Simply for Day Guests?
In short, it’s completely your decision whether to offer wedding favours to your day guests only, or to your evening guests as well. If you’re giving out favours to your evening guests, you will obviously have to distribute them throughout the reception rather than during the ceremony or wedding breakfast.
We’d recommend inserting your favours on the table next to your wedding guest book, so that attendees may take a favour and sign at exactly the same time.

Where Can we Buy Wedding Favour Boxes?
The purpose of wedding favours is showing appreciation for guests who attend your wedding celebration. As with everything in the wedding ceremony planning process, it’s good to be creative and follow your heart. Wedding favours today can be as personal and unique since you are, which is why they have come to represent a symbol of love from the bride and groom.