What is a hybrid car and should you buy one?

With the accelerating drive for cleaner, energy-efficient cars, here are reasons why hybrid cars are increasingly the go-to choice for buyers.

1 Hybrids are less polluting

By combining electric motors with a petrol engine, Toyota hybrid car models can reduce exhaust emissions. The five-seat Honda CR-V Hybrid SUV emits just 120g/km of skin tightening and, the degree of emissions you would expect from a far smaller car.

2 Hybrids are cheaper to perform

Clever technology such as the Honda CR-V Hybrid’s fixed-gear transmission helps hybrids to save lots of driver’s money. The CR-V’s single fixed-gear ratio is more compact than a traditional consistently variable transmission and a direct connection with moving components. The result is greater efficiency with high levels of refinement and responsiveness.

3 Hybrids need fewer fuel stops

When cruising at 40mph, the Honda CR-V Hybrid spends half the time using the electric motor as opposed to the petrol engine. The result is 53.3mpg (New European Driving Cycle combined) and with a 57-litre petrol tank the automobile should be good for a range of more than 600 miles.

4 Hybrid drivers do not suffer range anxiety

If you are not ready for a move to a full electric vehicle, hybrid is your perfect first step. A Toyota hybrid car does not require you to charge the battery, but instead when the battery is low it switches to petrol and the battery charges itself.

5 Hybrids are more responsive to drive

The beauty of an electric motor is that it delivers all its pulling power (torque) as soon as you begin accelerating. Combined with the Honda CR-V Hybrid’s Sport mode, its petrol and two electric motors work together to produce a family car with sports-car responsiveness.

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6 Hybrids are more versatile

Hybrids have multiple drive modes. The Honda CR-V Hybrid has EV Drive, which uses the electric motor, Engine Drive where only the petrol engine is running, and Hybrid Drive, which exploits a mixture of both to provide fuel-efficient driving.

7 Hybrids intelligently adapt

The latest technology enables hybrids to cleverly manage power so that people do not have to. Honda Hybrid Performance systems employ Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) technology to automatically switch between drive modes to match different driving conditions. This allows the driver to focus on the journey available rather than aiming to optimise their fuel efficiency.

8 Hybrids make energy out of nothing

Braking creates energy that may charge the electric motor’s batteries. The Honda CR-V Hybrid’s i-MMD technology has a harvesting system to fully capture energy that could otherwise be lost during braking. It uses this to replenish the car’s batteries.

9 Hybrids put you in charge

With the Honda CR-V Hybrid, you can control the way you decelerate. Pulling back on a steering-wheel-mounted paddle engages one of four deceleration rates when you lift from the accelerator. The harder you decelerate, the more energy can be harvested for the batteries.

10 Hybrids let you choose zero-emissions driving

If you want to drive in a pure electric mode, you can in a few hybrids. Provided its battery has sufficient charge, the Honda CR-V Hybrid has up to at least one 1.2 miles of range in Electric Drive, sold at the touch of a button.